Packaging Foam & Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Packaging Design's customers benefit from the services of our experienced and skilled technicians, which use a combination of computer and woodworking technologies to create inexpensive prototypes that accurately represent the final foam cushion system.

We can create a completely custom foam interior to accommodate any product or piece of equipment. Our engineers can help you design the perfect foam cushion for your needs by using load spreaders, plastic tubs, doors, dividers, partitions, corrugated pads or a combination of different foam materials and densities.

  • Die Cutting (excellent for medium to high production runs)
  • Hot-Wire fabrication (excellent for low production runs)
  • CAD-CAM (excellent for low runs and complex parts)
  • Water Jet (excellent for low runs and complex parts)
  • Convoluter
  • Prototypes
  • MIL-I-45208 inspection system requirements

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