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M4 Gun Case - GunPod™
M4 Gun Case -

Military and federal agencies win budget battles without sacrificing quality by choosing the new GunPod protective M4 gun case.

Case Weight 10-lb without load

Outside Case Dimensions: 51.5" L x 15" W x 4" D




Rugged gunPOD M4 Gun Case Wins Loyal Following in U.S. Military for its Lightweight Mobility

The M4 carbine is so handy and convenient to carry it has become the preferred companion for non-military troops, special operations and close-quarters combat personnel in the Afghanistan and Iraq war zones.  But a weapon this special doesn’t go anywhere without protection.  That’s why U.S. military and government agencies like to roll with the new mobile carrying gun case.

Casefoam’s M4 gunPOD case was designed to be all that it can be in any arena – combat, logistics, medical or transportation, to name a few.  It is the only choice when watertight features are not required.  And this must-have, go-to protective case solves an ancient dilemma:  its low cost helps stretch every dollar to meet frugal military and government requisitions.

Casefoam understands that the government’s budget is tight and it is critical for supply personnel to find inexpensive cases so that soldiers can safely transport and protect their valuable guns when being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan on support role missions.

The M4 gunPOD case weighs less than 10 lbs when empty.   Fools might call it a featherweight, but then fools are always surprised by the truth: this D-shape design can take as much punishment as a war zone can dish out.  It is splash-proof and constructed with injection-molded polypropylene plastic.  It also locks out trouble with four large butterfly steel latches.  Need a safely secured, airline-approved carrying case for travel to and from dangerous places?  Padlock holes are standard issue on this single-rifle case.


The M4 gunPOD case gets it done by adding strength and stability with a unique longitudinal rib design.  It goes the extra mile with a deflector rib-finned area that protects the lid hinges.  The tongue-and-groove valance allows the lid and bottom of this hard-knocks carrying case to properly mesh, like any good military operation.  The bottom and the lid inserts are made of closed cell Polyethylene foam.

For balance and durability, the bilateral design divides the dimensions of the lid and body into a 50/50 split.  That means one carrying handle is all that is required for easy and fast maneuvering while under pressure.


The M4 gunPOD does not accommodate optics, grenade launchers and mounted accessories because, typically, non-combatant units do not need to carry these items.  Another reason gunPOD is military ready: the no-nonsense design keeps the cost low so that more money can go to medical, mechanical and logistical needs.


For missions that require conservative spending as well as courage, choose gunPOD:  Survival on a shoestring when failure is not an option.


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