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CASE MATRIX - Fabricated ATA Containers

ATA Carrying Cases - CMx Series  Choose from 700 models - 2 to 3 days express manufacturing.

Custom built to your needs and to exceed Air Transport Association 300 specifications, category 1.

Strong yet lightweight, continuous aluminum industrial frame, piano hinge, recessed latches, and recessed spring-loaded handles for maximum strength and durability.

Selected Monitors and Computer models are available with foam interior within 48 hours upon receipt of your order.

Case Style:
Hinged Lid Ideally suited for components that can be easily loaded by one person.
Clamp-On Lid Similar to the above case style, except the lid has no hinge and is removable.
Pull-Over Cover Excellent for heavy items that are not easily lifted from the case. Shallow Base and a higher Lid is slipped over the top.
Rackmount EIA rack mountable case with removable Front and Rear Lids

Case Dimensions:




Lid Depth

Base Depth

Minimum Case Dim.





Maximum Case Dim.







Material Construction

Max. Load

Case Options:

PULL-OUT HANDLE / ROLL-MODELS: heavy duty corner wheels with pull-out handle.  

Minimum Case Inside Dimensions for this option:

22.00"L x 13.00"W x 8.00"H

Casters: Fixed and removable casters, 3.50" diameter wheels.

Colors: Black is the standard Case Matrix color. Other colors are available at no extra charge (Blue, Grey, Red, White, Green) but may require longer lead times.

Divider Systems: Inner partitions divide heavy loads inside the case, each section will have its own foam cushion system.


1/4" ABS / Ply

75 lbs.

1/4" Fiberglass / Ply

75 lbs.

3/8" ABS / Ply

200 lbs.

3/8" Fiberglass / Ply

200 lbs.

1/2" ABS / Ply

500 lbs.

1/2" Fiberglass / Ply

500 lbs.

3/16" HDPE Plastic

175 lbs.

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