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  ata shipping cases by matrix   ATA Shipping Cases by Matrix - Always the right size!

  • Sturdy HD Plastic ATA shipping and carrying cases with LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

  • Choose from 700 models with foam or without - ready to ship in 2 to 3 days - FastTrack express manufacturing.

  • Save Time and Money! Find the perfect case size now, not too small and risk damage, not an oversize case because you will pay more for freight every time you use it. We have the correct case size model to safely carry your valuables.

shipping cases and carrying containers

Case Size

L x W






CMx-1818 series 18L x 18W 8" to 18" Yes

CMx-2014 series 20L x 14W 8" to 20" Yes

CMx-2016 series 20L x 16W 8" to 20" Yes

CMx-2018 series 20L x 18W 8" to 20" Yes
CMx-2020 series 20L x 20W 8" to 20" Yes
CMx-2214 series 22L x 14W 8" to 22" Yes
CMx-2216 series 22L x 16W 8" to 22" Yes
CMx-2218 series 22L x 18W 8" to 22" Yes
CMx-2220 series 22L x 20W 8" to 22" Yes
CMx-2222 series 22L x 22W 8" to 22"
CMx-2422 series 24L x 22W 8" to 24"
CMx-2620 series 26L x 20W 8" to 26"
CMx-2622 series 26L x 22W 8" to 26"
CMx-2820 series 28L x 20W 8" to 28"
CMx-2822 series 28L x 22W 8" to 24"
CMx-2824 series 28L x 24W 8" to 24" please call
CMx-3020 series 30L x 20W 12" to 24" please call
CMx-3022 series 30L x 22W 12" to 24" please call
CMx-3024 series 30L x 24W 12" to 24" please call
CMx-3220 series 32L x 20W 12" to 24" please call
CMx-3222 series 32L x 22W 12" to 24" please call
CMx-3224 series 32L x 24W 12" to 24" please call

  • ATA shipping cases built to order in 2 to 3 days and to exceed Air Transport Association 300 specifications, category 1.
  • Strong yet lightweight, continuous aluminum industrial frame, piano hinge, pad-lockable recessed latches, and recessed spring-loaded handles for maximum strength and durability.
  • Selected Monitors and Computer models are available with foam interior within 48 hours upon receipt of your order. Flat LCD Monitor Universal Case

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