model train storage case removable Foam Rail-Track-Tray

HO - Case Track Storage System

  • Our exclusive Shipping and Storage Case was designed for the HO Modeler in mind, it simply provides the best protection for the valuable time and money you have invested in your trains. Whether you are traveling or storing them at home, this heavy duty Case offers the safest way to keep your trains in top condition until your next run.

  • Filled with Trays, these cases feature polyethylene “Foam Track” interiors for a customized snug fit, adjustable in increments from 1” up to 30” long (depending on the case model) they will accommodate different size trains in seconds while providing finger grips for easy removal.  Foam dividers have unique notches for the delicate Couplers.

  • All case models are pack lockable for extra security. The TR-3212 series have wheels for convenient and dependable transport.


IMPORTANT: This case is special order and it is not returnable.


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