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Shipping Cases & Carrying Containers: Pelican, SKB, Zero, Matrix


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Many ATA & shipping styles available for immediate delivery. Let us help you in selecting the proper case for your carrying applications.

Welcome to, we offer hundreds off-the shelf Reusable Containers. In business since 1986, we have amassed an unsurpassed knowledge on containers and Foam Systems. This knowledge base, coupled with our in house Custom Foam Manufacturing and Engineering has made us the ideal supplier to large and small firms throughout  the industry.

Selecting Shipping & Carrying Cases: CaseCruzer, Pelican, SKB, Zero, Matrix

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Pelican  Air and watertight, these containers meet and far exceed the highest standards of  airline, industrial and military applications. 37 sizes to choose from, available for immediate delivery empty, with solid foam or with pick n' pluck for your own customization, or you can let our engineers design a custom foam cushion to protect the contents against shock and vibration. Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: You break it, we replace it... forever. Matrix - Express Series Choose from 700 models ready to ship in 3 days or less (custom sizes are also available in 2 weeks or less) - With Matrix's excellent Lifetime Guarantee your first cost will be your last cost. These High Density plastic fabricated containers are extremely rugged with a high strength-to-weight ratio for maximum protection. The modular construction method of using standard components allows the customer to specify any exact size without incurring extra expense. SKB Cases  are crafted to exceed the ATA Spec. 300, Cat 1. They are molded of ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene, which is impervious to solvents, fuels or toxic liquids. This plastic material is specified by the U.S. military for containers which must withstand the toughest field conditions imaginable. The molded-in configuration of bumpers and ribs are designed to absorb shock and vibration, provide protection for exposed hardware and enhance the structural integrity of the case.

Matrix Manufacturers of Armor 19" racks and custom ATA containers for electronic components, trade shows and exhibits, equipment & instrument, plasma, Flat panel LCD monitors and military applications.

Hardigg The choice for The Department of Defense and all major prime contractors. Pelican-Hardigg has designed thousands of Military containers and this experience allows us to match the right application to your needs. Rotationally molded from polyethylene blended specifically to resist impact, fungus and solvents. Non-collapsing corners are 10-20% thicker than the container walls for maximum strength.  Case Factory These rugged Wheeled carrying containers are constructed of solvent and chemical resistant high-density polyethylene. This durable material provides a long lasting and safe method of shipping delicate equipment. Manufactured to ATA spec 300.

Click here: Case Selector A handy guide and information on selecting brand-name plastic containers, its features, styles, applications and specifications. Most containers meet the requirements of ATA (Airline Transportation Association) Specification 300, Category 1. This specification establishes a stringent standard for transport container design ensuring the product's ability to withstand a minimum of 100 trips by air.

On the next pages, we showcase our Products Catalog and Foam Services, whether your needs are for Thermoformed, Injection Molded, Fabricated, Blow Molded or Rotationally Molded, you will find only name-brands shipping cases.

Our commitment doesn't stop with our product selection. We've established services and hired associates that are in tune with your carrying container applications and travel needs. Our professional sales representatives know what they need to do to take care of you and we've provided them with the tools to do it.

Pease give us a call or contact us by e-mail to discuss your case application (information located at bottom of page). 

Need a shipping ATA case in a hurry? Order them Online - Try our 24 hours a day - completely secure real-time on-line ordering site with shopping-cart convenience. Many cases ready for immediate delivery. your source for all kind of stock or custom ATA carrying containers.

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